Birds and bees




Bueno Going places gacha Room at the top (rare)

Ionic Cafe de Paris Rooftop chimneys and antennas



Dustbunny Unicorn planter, for Notice me, Sempei

YD Sleep moon lamp, for Limit 8

Peaches Bae’s journal

Knick knacks J’attendais ton retour (curtains edited a bit to fit windows), for Illuminate

Tarte Ficus elastica for Uber, Handmade photohanger, Wateringcan light hanger

Myth Bee hive

Mushilu Garden Tey gacha Pallet bench  https//

Haikei The way I feel gacha #2

RH Botan gacha Vase pink

Hive Heart strings hanging, hint of Spring set

What next Set of plant stands, House plants

Milk Motion The roofs of Paris gacha Planters

Dustbunny Woodland dreams gacha Headplanter, Storybook living gacha Bouquet

Anc Forget gacha Swallows, Miniature gacha Mannequin black and mist, No limits gacha Flying doves

Scarlet creative My sunday bed (rare)

Apple Fall Enamel teapot, coffee and muffins

Vespertine Never stop dreaming, groupgift



top Mimikri Mica chiffon blouse, for Uber

shorts Zaara Ira shorts

hair Tram H0511

pose with butterflies Belle poses Buterfly gacha


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