Summer delight



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Dutchie Outdoor Sofa PG Middle, Wine Bottles, None alcoholic Wine, Animated drinks: Martini and Wine glass decor, Garlic and Red Pepper on string, Wooden Dish Rack

thank you Froukje ❤


all info on the Outdoor Sofa

(I used only one part, it is a big modular sofa with many options/poses/sequences!)

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8f8 Cotton Delight: Hammock Light, Lampion Sleeping, Lampion Awake, Summer Rack Light, Wall of Joy, Dry Bouquet, Books, Gentle Fragrance, for Summer Fest, Whites: Tablette

Acorn Orchard Box: Apricots, Citrus, Plums

Bloom Honey Candy Plate

Concept Terraza: Gold Hammock , for The Arcade

Fancy Decor Poulsen Rug

Floorplan Judgy Portrait Glam

Half Deer Floating Candle Boat, for Summer Fest

IDK Bag of tangerines

Kraftwork Horizon Seaside Lodge, for Summer Fest, Compact Kitchen light, for The Food Court, Rustic Farm set: Console and Vegetables Wall Rack

Love Summer Dreams Meadow

Maru Kado Fish Pillow with cat

Milk Motion Bougainvillea (edited from The bougainvillea Scene), Lavender Fields: Lavender field

Nutmeg Potted Flower, gift for SLB19 Shop & Hop, Potted Tangerine Tree, Mint Iced Tea, Home Gallery, Apple Still Life, Elegant Bathroom

Oh Deer Bits and Bobs collection: Wide House, Small House, Green and Yellow, Pink and Blue

Pitaya The Lighthouse: Lighthouse Rare, for The Arcade, Lemonade Stand: Cart, Juice cooler, Juice Can, Juice Bottles, Floating Market: Watermelons Basket

Plaaka Hydrangea: Plates stacked, Fruit Salad, The Wind Cliff: Reading before sleeping White

Studio Skye Enchanted Woods

Thor Citrus Dining: Drinks, for Anthem

Your Dreams Silverware Holder