Zinnia’s for Spoonful of Sugar


Zinnia’s Sanctuary Church, Fountain with chicken, new release for Spoonful of Sugar

thank you Zinnia ❤

*the church is a 100% donation item!

Spoonful of Sugar event info


As my home is very full with recent set ups that I still have to blog, and I couldn’t rez the church cause I had not enough prim left at my small place, I took the church to the following locations, see below, where I did as follows:

go to a sim you like, de-render trees or builds there if needed (this is possible in Firestorm viewer), stand or sit in a static pose, add the building to your self (not wear) and in edit mode move it around to get it how you want it (moving is very limited in edit with such a big build, but it can be done).

I was on the following sims:

Soul2Sould Mediterranian

Skye Neist point

Auld Lang Syne

the pictures with the fountain with chicken are made on SOS location of Zinnia’s!