the house

NS Thrift shop and poses Nevgilde Gaard Farmhouse


event items

Dust bunny Quirky planters 3 Sloth, Piggy, Panda, for Fameshed

Kraftwork Farmhouse romance Stool in green, for The Epiphany

K&S Old wooden bedroom gacha Wooden wardrobe, for The Epiphany

Lode Forgotten vase red, for Shiny Shabby

Nutmeg Garden junk Candles, Broken chair, for Shiny Shabby

Scarlet Creative Darcy gacha Bench tartan, Lamp, Area rug,  for The Epiphany

Toro Cat Standing, Sitting, for Food Court (last day 26th!)


other items

Apple Fall Painted Indian dough bowl, Lilly leaves spray, Ginger jar, Book arrangements, Plaster horse, Plantation kitchen cabinet

Bazar Berlin Painting 1

Concept The magic woods gacha Coffee table

Dahlia Lazy days gacha Jewelry dish 2, Loire gacha Vintage wash basin, Linnen water, Savon, Vintage memories gacha Perfume peach

Disorderly Overgrown patio set Garden table and chair

Dust bunny Quirky planters 2 Lady vase, Lauren bathroom Robe and towel

8f8 Primavera in Toscany gacha Wooden sifter, Granny’s Winter cottage Firewood

Fancy Decor Jansen collection gacha Art books

Garbaggio Shoe clutter gacha Black, Serena boots

Granola Florian gacha Lavende towels

Jian Cozy cat chair

Kraftwork Suspended cabinet (groupgift)

Keke Mistletoe, Bathroom clutter Flow, Drop, Soap, Wall mirror bright

Lagom Amazon vanity Liquid lips, Palette, Rose blush

Lode Camella Hanging tulips lamp

Maru Kado Cat gacha Sleep cat

Mudhoney Jackie rug

Nutmeg Christmas eve gacha Vase (rare), Books, Attic hideout Plated pink branch, Grandma’s cottage Basket with flowers, Plated branch, Forgotten library Bust, Still life 3 (group gift), Fire pit (group gift), Vintage bathroom Stool with blankets

Peaches Resolutions clutter Planner, Bae’s journal floral

Sari-sari Cat succulent

Second spaces Makeup junkie gacha Foundation, Clean up

Studio Skye Enchanted woods

Tarte Home made photo hanger, Nail polish clutter

What Next Hannah woodburning stove, Isabella perfum tray

Vespertine Cat trinket dish, Thrift store giraffe planter

Zerkalo Modern loft gacha Bed, The colors of love gacha Dress white