Holiday Bedroom



SL Christmas Expo

Case de Bebe Victoria Christmas bedroom Antique fireplace, mirror, Folk Bed, Christmas stockings, side table, decor greenhouse & candle, Diary, Christmas lantern (the lantern is the Stocking stuffer hunt item), for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Bebe ❤

The reckless angel O Christmas tree music box, for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Savannahrave ❤

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other items

Paper Moon Tree shutter, shown in frosty fresh, new release for We love Roleplay! thank you Sohma ❤

Paper Moon


Apple fall Christmas artworks Christmas tree, Mistletoe, Wine (the Wine is a TLC gift). for The Liaison Collaborative

Apple Fall Old manufactory,  Fulwood chair w. blanket,  Plaster horse, West Village Charleston curtains

Dust Bunny Noel gacha Mini Christmas tree

Keke String lights (from distressed mirror), Raw crystal chandelier

Nutmeg Rustic wreath, and new groupgift: angels in love and festive papers

Vespertine Frostwook pop up book