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SL Christmas Expo items:

Aluora Angels collection Amphora and String curtain snowlight, for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Christina ❤

CKit Falconry Black wolf, big and small (companions), for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Calli ❤

Dench Design Ice fountain, for SL Christmas Ecpo! thank you Amanda<3

Fantasy China Mesh Joy Lights C, for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Alial ❤

The Velvet Moon Grass green mint, dark green, light green, for SL Christmas Expo! thank you Anathemawind ❤


other items:

22769 Faux fireplace decoration set Angel

Anc Tree for two gacha Bear in snow, for The Arcade,  and No limit gacha Flock of flying doves in sugar

Botanical Green holiday fir small

8f8 No place of ours Winterish

Lode Lilies decor Lilies white

Love Midsummernight deer

Madras Snow decor gacha Snow piano

Nutmeg Miniature wooden angel

Soy Snow covered rocks

Studio Skye Enchanted woods

Your Dreams Snowman, for We love Roleplay