All my little helpers



Andika Joy & happiness decor Cake, for Tannenbaum

Apple Fall Malbec, Enamel teapot, Tea tins & books, Mortar&pestle

Bazar Stockholm kitchen gas stove, Toronto kitchen Magnetic condiments

Black Bantam Baby boy chef gacha Baby boy 01

Chez Moi Shabby kitchen Recipe books

Chimia Ladder Pan rack

Dahlia Hiraeth gacha Roling pins, Wall rack, Bowls & spoons clutter, Mushroom soup

Dutchie Ratatouille and recipe book. Thank you Froukje ❤

Dust bunny At home baking Frosting bowl, Sugar, Kitchen clutter Dish rack

Erratic Lazy sunday morning gacha Coffee press

8f8 Forgotten secrets gacha Love, Letting go

Fashionably dead Cat gacha Cat Standing

Foxwood Puppy baker set Puppy chef, for Uber

Granola The homestead experience gacha Blueberry’s

Hive Practical kitchen* Kitchen Sink side, Shelf side, Table

Mudskin My little chef gacha Chef #1

Nutmeg Antique Dinnerware oval, for Anthem (last day 30th!) and Romanov plates with cutlery on top, White cloth

Paper Moon Old tyme Milk jug. Thank you Sohma ❤

Plaaka June dining gacha Hanging vegetables a & b Hanging onions, Hanging garlic, Hanging red peppers

Scarlet Creative Tree top hourse, Sunday dining set Chairs

Second Spaces Kitchen clutter gacha Knife block, Seasoning

Sese Garden kitchen gacha 3 Lamps, Wood box & plant

Vespertine Rose hip collection, Herbs drying, Puff pastry wreath with raisins, Potpourri, Potpourri ingredients, Kitchen crates Supplies & Herbs, Veggie crate

What next Favourite recipes cookbook, Gingerbread illustrated recipe framed wall

Zaara Home gacha Cinnamon, Cardamom, Star anise


*The kitchen comes with empty shelves, except the white plates over the sink, so I put as much diner wear/kitchen stuff/shelving I own in it, if you want to know anything, just ask me, too much too list all here and not good visibility, only for filling up the cabinets

**Other items I put in but not listed are: the the cook books on the right counter are just pictures from rl cook books I own, and uploaded. And the fireplace around the stove is an edited fireplace, only the shell part.