2Lei 2019


November 25th is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and since 2010, the day has been marked in Second Life by the collaborative arts group, 2Lei

  • Event locations:
    • Art Free Gallery
    • Black Label Exhibition Corner and urban city
    • Dalla parte delle Donne
    • Diotima, Ocio y Cultura
    • Lametta Club Hangar
    • Lost Town – La Citta’ Perdu
    • Museum Island

I copied this text bits from this excellent article by Inara Pey, see full article with all info, location lm’s at http://modemworld.me/2019/11/19/no-violence-the-2lei-10th-edition-in-second-life/


For my first event visit I only saw Black label exhibition corner and urban city, pictures above, showing you, from top to bottom, the following artist from that location:

Paola Mills

Bamboo Barnes – Violence

Kimeu Korg

Meilo Minotaur – A cage inside a cage

Natalie Seranade

Livio Korobase 2Lei 2019

GlitterPrincess Destiny – Stories

Rebeca Bashly

Ciotolina Xue

Mavi Beck – All’improvviso c’e’ tanto freddo



Event info http://secondlife2lei.blogspot.com/p/ed-2019.html