Vanum Vanitas



Paper Moon Vanum Vanitas decor set, new release for Spookzilla hunt!

4 framed paintings, 2 rugs, various pillows (4 different pillows, all in stiff and slump version, and 2 stacks)

Paper Moon Survivor notes Killer on loose newspaper fresh, Medieval wall scones copper

thank you Sohma ❤


8f8 Forgotten secrets gacha for The Epiphany Under the weather rare, Couple of walls, His little ride, Treasured memories, Broken but mended, Broken image, Butterlights, Letting go, Private knowledge Karma, Love, Prosperity peace and happiness

Minimal Halloween hunt item 6 (skull candle) and 1 (Brooms and hats)

Nutmeg Countryside dreams Tray, for Shiny Shabby

Nutmeg Soul collector gacha Bag in black and Papers, for The Epiphany

Nutmeg Chaise lounge black

DRD MM3 gacha Broken floor, Bloodcroft gacha Chandeliers, The reanimator gacha Skull

Disfunctionality Dew cobwebs

Milk motion The old cemetery gacha Tombstone 8

Ayla Rustic living gacha Desert plant

Half deer Requim moon gacha Cat loaf

Erratic Coc gacha Taxidermi raven

Fancy Decor Warden gacha Candelabra

22769 Violin decor

Qutworld Broken brick floor

stairs (vintage)