Azul for Rock your Rack



dress Kahli

Exclusive 5 Colors + 1 Limited Color,  for Rock Your Rack

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*All sales of the Limited color goes to Donation*

showing you aqua, the limited color!

thank you Mami ❤

Azul htp://



Headpiece Koichi, new release for Flourish!

Yuriko lipcolor and Concordia eyeshadow, new release for Neo-Japan!

thank you Zib ❤




hair Tram IO825

headpiece flowers Lode Wild Sakura gacha Wild Sakura in pink

sakura headpieces Naminoke Shidore Sakura

boots Pure Poison Moodyblossom boots

poses Besa


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with love!


and this song is for Jamee Sandlewood, the heart and mind behind Rock your Rack ❤