Caged birds


My first post as an official Juna blogger! thank you so much for accepting me in group! ❤

tattoo Juna Artistic Tattoo Bonnie, new release for Curves! thank you Juna ❤

Juna Artistic Tattoo


harness and boots Azul Irmine in onyx, full color release! thank you Mami ❤



eyemakeup Zibska Noir 17, thank you Zib ❤


hair Tram IO825, for Collabor88

lipring Yummy Dahlia lipring, for Collabor88



Fox City Photo booth Lake cabin

Anc Little garden gacha Ribbon chair in black, Hatsuyume gacha Peacock white

The Owl Art deco inspiration Wall 3

Backbone Bondage rack

Miss Chelsea Jolie gacha Cuff deco

CP&Pilot Garden party Birdcage

Bauhaus Movement Virginia Cage in gold

Keke Raw chandelier black