Paper Moon

Nantucket gacha, new release!

Hallowell’s wheel brass Rare, Wall sails Rare, Harpoon soil, Ship flags signs, Oars, Lobster sign, White wale, Harbour bell steel, The Essex plaque, Shipwreck of Nantucket by William Bradford and Young America by Antonio Jacobson

Deco planks, new release!

I made a floor out of the planks

thank you Sohma ❤

Paper Moon



other items 

Scarlet Creative Ministry skybox, Sofa white

Granola Seashell candle, Message in a bottle, group gifts

Nutmet Forgotten Library Bust, Books&keys

Fancy Decor Dovere desk, Dover Lamp

Apple Fall West Village Holyoak Pendant lamp, Monogram suitcases, Books arrangements 2 and 4

Keke Curiosity bell jar sea shells

Serenity Style Time to read Letters

Vespertine Quirky rain forest plants Monstera

Elev8 Mayfair books