Zibska’s  new release for we Love Roleplay! thank you Zib ❤

We love RP



look one

collar, eyemakeup and orbits Zibska Maea, for We Love Roleplay!

Lipcolor also Zibska (will be added, forgot to take note which one)

hair Barberyumyum B07, for FLF

dress Belle Epoque Dove, groupgift

tattoo Be yourself Majestic Koi

boots Azul Zivah (part of outfit)! thank you Mami ❤

umbrella Le Poppycock Peace gacha Spirit (with pose)


look two

headwear and makeup Rimon, for We love Roleplay!

dress Azul Zeta, with legharness, in ruby! new pre-release for Sense! thank you Mami ❤

hair Shi Gavi’ela

wings RO Eternity wings in lust

heels CX Sinister Summer gacha Summer heels in gold


both shot on Bryn Oh’s Immersiva sim