6 Republic

ChicChica Fruit decor Fruit water and Fruits

Sources Fova Wall vase

Tableau Vivant Bureaux House Rug and Apples decor

The Owl Art Deco inspiration set Deco Wall #3, Instacards, Remembering



Concept Thai gacha Bench PG (rare), Table with plat and Table with jar

Dustbunny Clothing rack in neutrals

Plaaka Monsoon Room gacha HangingRatanbasketCrocodilefern, RatanbasketMonstera, RatanTablelamp, RatanChairHermit



Consignment + DustbBunny Coffee station in black

Dustbunny Quirky planters Kitty, Dino, Lady, Ice cream cone, Owl



Tarte Macrame Hanging chair


Shiny Shabby

Camdem Season Change gacha Cool Cactus (rare)

Lode Camilla decor Wild Tulips & Lamp, Tulips, Lupine in vase, Camelia in vase, Tulips&berries

Mithral Branch wall display and Wall pipe display



Killers Vintage harmonium



Insurrektion Ellen Watercolor



Evhah Athena’s set Orchids


Fifty Linden Fridays

What Next Caliente BBQ in black, Caliente Kebab & Corn

Astralia Balcony flowers


The Saturday Sale

Dahlia Kavhy Plant bench

Disorderly Slightly Rustic Ladder

Nomad Little garden shed blue

The Looking Glass Daisies and ladybirds

West Village Sweet treats French tart assortment


other items used

Scarlet Creative Kaelyn Pleiades Cabin

Nutmeg Dacha Loveseat leather, Iron wine rack, Rustic sketchpad, Basin and watering can

Keke My funny Valentine 1 (roses in vase), Tall garden planter white, Clipped papers Notes to self, Zen Weeds, Zen Orb, Tea lights, Peace incense, Sacred Lotus pink

Dustbunny Kitchen clutter Dish washing rack, Pasta love Grocerie bag, Amy’s kitchen cabinet, Wanderlust daisy teacup

Apple Fall Neva’s kitchen shelf (rare), Argentinian Malbec, Wine glasses

Plaaka Coffee factory gacha FactoryLoungeCounterStool and Table, WallHangingIvy Semicircle, June dining gacha Flowercake, Fruitsalad, Artichoke, Hanging red Peppers, Tomatoes and Garlic. Lost garden gacha Water grass, Starry night gacha Blowglasvase

Serenity Style Gardener corner Wheelbarrow and pots

DRD Garden party gacha Ground table and Pillows

Bazar Berlin sofa

What Next Oasis Bloom Prickley pear cactus and Succulent planter

Soy Superlong potted cactus with stand

Ionic Minimal needs gacha Small greenhouse, La Hacienda gacha El guacamole y la cerveza

Concept Casablanca gacha Tea table

22769 Boho Daybed

Fancy Decor Miller planters

Zaara home Patchwork cushion

Anc Hatsuyume gacha Wind parasol, Cage decor dark (rare)

TLC Mallard family swiming, Heron

3D Trees Ancient Virginia Live Oak

Little Branch Weeping Willow

Heart garden Wild flowers Foxglove, Primula, Quen Ann’s Lace

HpmD Sweet garden grass08 yellow