Fantasy Faire 2019 The gift village



For this last Fantasy Faire post for this year I used a lot of the gifts I got at finishing the fun and sometimes seemingly impossible Faireland Quest. Thanks to everyone who helped me on the way!

I also used gifts from Fameshed 7th year anniversary round! And some other stuff.

Fantasy Faire Quest gift items

Libertine Collectible eggs Midas Egg

Kitty Creations Rustic tree rustic garden

Old World Bucket of fresh fish

Little 2 Large Wildwood Pixie Caring Heart

Fae Fantasy Creations Fairy lantern shroom Odd 1

Lilith’s Den Hugo turtle

3rd Eye perceptions Duskshine crystal

Simple Shelby Enchanted crystal garden

Harshlands Cephalotus plants

Collect Carriage lantern floral arrangement

Mindgarden Creations Hobbit Table Set

EC Designs Wooden picnic set Benches

Dragon Magick Wares My coffee table

Xtal Fantasy Faire Gazebo

Little Big Designs Victorian doll house

Spyralle Glass candle

United Ishcon Cat planter

Thank you so much all designers!

for all Quest info and lm to part 2 (last day is May 8th!) and


Fantasy Faire items

EC Designs Tiny Garden

Mini A Chuu Fairy house blue

Harshlands Tiny magic house purple

The Olde Attic Flower delivery

Home Store Climbing roses and lights

Moonley Inc. Love set Shelf with decor, Cat statue marble, Love sign gold, Table decor

Fantavatar&Moonstruck Gipsy Zodiac Vardo (caravan)

Sweet Revolutions Standing Shoebill Stork

Paper Moon Oasis fire pit

Spyralle The Crystal heart arch

Dreamcatcher Mesh curtains

Lunacy Trifold looking glass

Gipsy Wolf Fantasy tree Spring and Summer

God Mod Forget me not planter

Circa Norvaris Elven Willow tree goldgreen

The Looking Glass The shrine tree twinkle trees, Fire shrine pillows, Butterfly daisies

all event info (*last day is May 5th!) 

*take note: After the Faire is over you have to go to the mainstore of these shops – I can’t say all will be there or are only for Fantasy Faire as exclusives


Fameshed anniversary git items 

West Village gift Plaster horse, Books,  Aspidistra in wicker planter

Stockholm&Lima Balloon bench

Moss&Mink Strawberry Tallcake

Heart Summer hanging basket

Kraftwork Bellosguardo books

Ariskea Garden door

Revival Ibiza cushions

Sayo Colorblock pillow

Mudhoney Deja pillow

Trompe Loeil Tianna Corner basket, Stool, Can display

Backbone Macarons

Peaches My sunshine beach daiquiri

Thank you so much all designers!

lm for all Fameshed gifts


other items used 

Jinx Le Jardin gacha Pond

Anc Camellia gacha Lantern gold, No limits gacha Flying doves hampink, Happyendpark gacha Pennant garland gold

Keke Sacred Lotus pink, Glitter lantern on stick, Hard to find plates

Halfdeer Yellow baby birds, Nightglow lamp birds Sparrow

TLC Herron, Cat tabby (gift)

Foxwood Fleur backdrop, Sleeping Tabby decor, Puggies Cozy pair white

Lagom Elizabeth Bibliotheca gacha Mannequin (rare)

Dead Dollz Bridal party gacha Hanging bridal gown

Garbagio shoe clutter nude, red and slingbacks

Pillows locked away gacha Skye gown, Ribbons bed

Fantasy China Magical nest flower

Allirium Tiny forest green

Apple Fall Seasonal hedges, Apple sprig with branch, Kiwi and blueberry cheesecake

Plaaka Flowercake rare

Andika Chocolat cake decor

Kalopsia Princess cake gold

Dust bunny Rose cake

What Next Victoria sponge cake

8f8 Primavera in Tuscany gacha Walls, New beginnings Washing line

Old World Old crate with green onions

Disorderly Book magic Birdcage magic, Rosy vintage Papers

Ionic Kitten bunkbed, Milkshake&biscuit

DDD Little garden plot Tomatoes

Skye Studio Enchanted Woods slope

We’re Closed Grassfield lush