Fantasy Faire 2019 Games with friends


Not that we had any idea how to play a table top game, but we sure admired the miniature world, with streaming water, opening doors and everything. “If we would play I would win, no doubt about it” Aslan proclaimed, in his usual assured tone. The fairies giggled. No one was sure if they made fun of him or that they just were having fun as fairies always do. “Ssssssshhh, no stamping!” I shouted to the elephants entering the garden: “You guys might knock the whole thing over!”

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Fantasy Faire items

Mini A Chuu Solarium Diorama Decor version and Display set (table with chairs)

Jinx Aslan gacha Aslan lion Natural rock rawr

Charming Forge Forest Feary fly & Sit


Fantasy Faire Quest Sim prizes (hunt part 1) used 

Midas Garden

Genesia Sim gift

Epic Toys Glitterance Trees Tree in green

Celestial Plain Sim gift

Light of Va’loth Entrance Arches

Twilight Spring Edonil Falann

The Shrine Tree Sim memento


Quest info

all event info


none Fantasy Faire items 

Bad Katz Sitting Fairy 3

Ariskea Cammomille basket (decor)

Dahlia Curious Sparkle bottle