Fantasy Faire 2019 The gate






The big vines on Thornfast screamed ‘Sleeping Beauty castle’ to me, so I looked who made the big vines  and sort of made the scene from there with some new and some older stuf 🙂

Fantasy Faire items used

Circa Falaern Stone plant bed set Twilight Waypoint collection Lilly’s, Norvaris Elven Gateway set in Fire Silver

Cerridwen’s Cauldron Roses and thorns

Lore Vines with thorns

The Dark Fae Eternal hunger in violet (dragon statue)


none Fantasy Faire items used 

Simple Shelby Ruin set Wall

Pillows Locked up gacha Castle (rare)

Mesh plants Climbing roses in red

Anc Mist cloud

Keke Shrubs black

EVE Path of fireflies

TWR building edited (pillars around the tower), vintage