Fantasy Faire 2019 Why I relay

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outfit Scarlet Fey Asyum black, for Fantasy Faire

circlet Talevin’s Designs Crecent circlet, for Fantasy Faire

tattoo Endless Pain Myrdinn, for Fantasy Faire

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flowers Lode Peony gacha Peony wreath in Poem, for Shiny Shabby

sword Fallen Arms Unity Maxim Steel Long sword

hair Tableau Vivant Indoor/outdoor in browns


shot on location at Fairelands Junction


Why I relay 

In 2010 I lost my first close friend to cancer, she was my best friend from elementary school, so I had known her all my live, and in 2010 I was over 40 already myself. Last year a dear friend passed away, after being diagnosed she went real fast, a couple of months only, leaving her ex husband and 13 year old daughter behind. Some months ago another friend passed.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer,  which returned 2 years ago, fortunately of sorts on my ovaries, so they could be removed and I am cancer free after that.  I have very regular check ups nowadays. And every time I have a sensations somewhere in the body I think It’s back, and than put that thought aside as quick as possible cause that is no way to live, following such a thought train, so I don’t.

I had people who I was in chemo with who didn’t make it. I feel very blessed to still be here and hope I stay cancer free a very long time or forever.

Although I made pictures now with a sword, there is nothing to ‘fight’ with cancer, we are not masters of our destiny, we can do everything we can to go for the best possible outcome, but it might not work, there is no telling, no certainty ever. But still I am here, standing with my sword, ready to defend my life and everyone that I love!

With love and gratitude ❤