Fantasy Faire 2019 Elven garden



Fantasy Faire items used 

The Looking Glass The Shrine Tree Fire shrine, Butterfly daisies, Grass patch

Simple Shelby Elven lamps

Harshlands The secret mirror

Polenth’s Mushporium Blue night frilly mushrooms

Circa Norvaris Elven tree, in Water en RFL color shown

Cerridwen’s Cauldron Floating tuber plants

Lunaria Elfin Herb field

Fantavatar & Moonstruck  Fairy dust lamp and Fairy dust emitter


none Fantasy Faire items used 

Anc Forget gacha Swallows and Mushrooms, Mist cloud

Keke Wind flowers

Candles Half circle (will be added asap, forgot to take note!)

Heart Wildflowers Queen Ann’s lace

Alirum Nanohanafield (yellow)