Fantasy Faire 2019 What about second breakfast?


Fantasy Faire items used

Old World Dining table, Dining chair, Dining stool, Tavern Food 1 and 2

Simple Shelby Spring cleaning mouse planter

The Dark Fae Caged light white

Organica Gyunara lantern, Weeping Willow and Cherry tree

God Mod Never forgotten planter (planter with blue flowers)

The Looking Glass The Shrine Tree Butterfly daisies

Harshlands Runestones light Runestone sack


none Fantasy Faire items used

Nutmeg Getaway gacha Breakfast tray rare, Coffee, Stacked cups, Book, for The Epiphany

and Spilled farm eggs (groupgift)

Ariskea Lavende gacha Book of Study, Basket, Pot, for The Epiphany

and Kay Cake Pear glaze cake

Jian Silly shibes Blanket shibe (dog), for The Epiphany

Serenity Style The Gardeners corner Rainboots, Pots, Wheelbarrow, for The Epiphany

22769 Spring time gacha Dafodils

Vespertine Spiderplant

Granola Beatrice Chamomile vases and wooden tray

Peaches Wanderlust set Vase and Bun white

Half deer Spring Serenade gacha Fawn with birdies, Red fox watchfull

Disorderly Strawberry cupcakes, for The Saturday Sale

Dustbunny Dreamy Outing Croissant Sandwiches, for FLF

Apple Fall West Village Candle brass (gift)

8f8 New beginnings gacha Fence

Akira’s Designs Mesh stepping stones

Myth Beehive

Keke Summer party flowers red

Heart Wildflowers Queen Ann’s lace and Primula

Hpmd Grass 07 yellow

Fanatik Mesh Fantasy cottage (Hobbit home)

Dutchie Birds sound emitter