Fantasy Faire 2019 Hope


Fantasy Faire items used

Harshlands Monument of Hope

By Nacht Forfax Mystic Cloister, Altar table

Jinx Aslan gacha Aslan lions Snow lay and Snow sit

Simple Shelby Forest Glen Ruin (set on the sky island), Woodland patio set in green

Rainy Fey Creations Fae boat

The Looking Glas The Shrine tree Moonstone granite muted,  Tapestry tree green and RFL (purple), Twinkle tree (multicolored trees)

Lunaria Garden Party Tree (pink), Elfin Herb Field

Charming Forge Fearys sitting

Collect Rustic candles

Artisan Fantasy Eternal Life Fountain

The Olde Attic Resting time (scene with wall, bench and animals – deer is animated)


none Fantasy Faire items used

Simple Shelby Ruin wall with ivy

Unkindness In the clouds island small

Lovely Alien Fable flowers cluster

Half Deer Sakura Petals

Skye Studio Enchanted woods Slope

Anc Flock of doves and Cotton bunnies