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house Glas Houses Marissa, for Home and Garden Expo! thank you Sandi ❤

Glas Houses is platinum sponsor for the event, for all event info see

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other Home and Garden Expo items\

Old world Set of old crates with plants – onions, for Home and Garden Expo


other items

Apple Fall Cottage dining chair, Cat print, Sour bread baquette, Rustic card coffee table, Wine glasses

Bazar Toronto kitchen island, Berling sofa, Glam female closet

ChiMia Kitchen trolley, Lolita wall art

Circa Nahla houseplants Tropical and Exotic Broad leaf and Parot’s beak plants

Clavv Just black stuff Watercolor

Concept Greenhouse ceramic planter white, for the Arcade

Concept New york Stone vase B,  Well mirrors, Sevilla Pot, Sevilla lamp with red flower, Sevilla medium pot, Nature lamp, Nature too pots

DRD Pergola chairs and table

Dust bunny Botanical tote, A home baking lemon plant, Pink medinilla plant, Olivia armoire black, Teapot wind chime

Ep & Co Music stand

Fancy Decor Flora bowl, Lee leaning art, Designer computer, Miller planters, Dover desk, Suede ottoman, White gold office chair, Painting The honorable mrs. Graham

Granola A simple girl’s hat (rare), for The Arcade

Heart Wildflowers Queen Anne’s lace

Hive Potted tarzan tree, Newly planted trees birch

HpmD Grass

Ionic Oui wall art, Groceries with water and apples, Planter shelf, Wall art in kitchen, Cafe chairs

Junk Vintage boutique bench

Razor bird Junk Windchime

Kaerri Aljana Tiled planters

Keke Crystal chandelier color, Garden planters white, Distressed mirror black, Potted herbs, Sacred lotus plants pink

Kuro Cups

Little Branch Oaks (4 seasons), Conifer animated

Merak Decorative wall

Nomad Casablanca lamp, Improvised linen cupboard

Nutmeg Vintage metronome, Crown, Music sheets floor, Chaise longue black PG, Rattan tote

Sari-sari Rocking chair

Scarlet Creative Sunday table and chairs

Sese Garden kitchen cabinet

Skye Studio Enchanted woods

Soy Green wall panel, Stained glass ceiling lamp pink

Storax Tree Vagabond birdcage planter

TA City bike

Tromp Loeil Enfield wall art trees

Vespertine Spring rose arrangement red, Rainforest plants, Small spaces kitchen, Exotic plants

We’re closed Pond deck, Grass field lush, Frame dark (with uploaded picture of a painting by Hockney – painting Queen Anne’s lace near Kilham)

Zerkalo Modern loft bed

Zinnia’s Wrought iron heart

22769 Violin decor, Un voyage a Dali statue

8f8 Paint me summer Poles, Paint me summer Seaguls , Primavera in Toscane Sifter with bucket with roses, Primavera in Toscane Laundry rack, Ones broken and forgotten longtime closed (wall), New beginnings Geese