Flowers shop



Sese released a lovely cute Flowers shop gacha for The Arcade, I set it up at the small town square near the old fountain ❤

Sese Flowers shop gacha, for The Arcade! thank you Stella ❤

House Rare, Shelf with flowers Rare, Box yellow, Box green, Box pink, Box blue, Counter, Awning, Shelf with pictures, Shelf, Shelf with boxes, Pink flowers tree, Red flowers tree, Holder with wrapping paper, Box with pots, Flower stand, Ribbons, Shelf with flower boxes, Cage with tree

other items from Sese: Garden kitchen gacha Flower rack, Two flowers, Wood box and flowers, Three lamps

other items also from The Arcade 

Concept Green house gacha Ceramic plant white, Chairs A and D

Dahlia Vintage memories gacha Hanging mirror gold and silver, Tin case white, Blooming flowers pink, Clock white

Granola Spring romance gacha A simple girl’s hat Rare, Blueberries in floral, Wire basket

Half deer Spring serenade gacha Heart watering can white and gold, Gardening clutter, Flower diary, Three vintage frames, Tulip jug, Step ladder

Madras Spring decor gacha Spring garden seeder tray

Minimal Cuba gacha House pink, Corners road

Raindale Meadowbloom gacha Tea cart black

22769 Enchanted greenhouse gacha Succulent book

lm to The Arcade


other Events items

Ariskea Flower paper bags in white and beauty, for Fameshed

Rezz room American Bully gacha Puppy duo, for A+ Event


other additional items 

Clavv Cat cafe gacha Cash register

Dust bunny Hanging plants cheese plant, Homemade soup bag of groceries

Roiro Oizo gacha Flowerbed

Pilot Garden tools

Dutchie Sound emiter (birds)

Bazar goodmorning set Table

Frangipani garden Bday mini cake gift

Apple Fall Tea time gacha Tea set

Keke Parasol with bulbs

The Bearded Guy Cafe Jeronimo Scooter

Ionic Garden chairs, Fountain tiled

Rowne Backdrop 1 Derb Assehbe Marrakech

What next Houseplants Agave and Rubber tree

Little branch Tulipfield

Kalopsia Sycamore leaves flying *

(* additional backdrop, picture taken by me at Point Mirabeau)