year of the pig


outfit 1

kimono Zenith Shen gacha Le Kimono in lemon

hair Boon Lab036 in blondes

makeup Zibska Dido, new release for Sanarae! thank you Zib ❤ (used for both styles)

headorbit Zibska Leto, orbit part! thank you Zib ❤

piglet Schadenfreude Komono piglet gacha Obi 2 piglet

kitten Jian A very kitten Christmas gacha Kitten grey

headset Sole SA headset white


outfit 2

oversized sweater Zenith Oversized sleepwear with piggy, in mint

hair Shi Ruach in blonde, for Uber

piercings Shi + Messiah Face piercings groupgift

headphone Zoom Keymi headphone style 1 (lm will be added later, asap!)



shot on location at