I would have baked a cake


The Arcade


Florix Scandinavian X-mas gacha Presents (rare)

Trompe Loeil Advent Calender gacha Decorative ladder

Birdy Forest kitchen gacha Jars light

Half deer Warm and fuzzy gacha Milk jug, Dog Christmas tree (rare)

Sese Ice rink gacha Faffle snowman and reindeer, Faffle Santa (Arcade gift)

Dahlia Holiday glam gacha Cake blackout, Cake Creme brulee, Chocolat mousse, Baubles gold and blue

Merak Chocolat fig cake (Arcade gift)


The Epiphany


Kopfkino God Jul gacha Candle hanger blue silver and red gold

Tentacio Sugar Winter gacha Winter chair (rare)

Dust bunny Season of giving gacha DIY hot cocoa

Vespertine BakingMas gacha Bakeware, Basket essentials, Real mess, Mixing bowl, Measuring cups

22769 Christmas baking gacha Kitchen machine

Second spaces Messy bakes gacha Assorted mess 1 and 2, Ya burnt, Ya broke, Knocked over, Stack of bowls, Drippy beater


other items 

Hive Practical kitchen Oversized kitchen Island http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Honeycomb/71/213/31

Tentacio Winter afternoon gacha Syrup http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cies%20Island/202/201/22

Sese Garden Kitchen Cooker, Worktop and sink, Cabinet, Tall cabinet http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunshine%20Meadows/102/86/22