Come here boy! lets stay in


Scarlet Creative Carpenter shed, for Collabor88

Nutmeg Chaise lounge PG black, Book&keys, Pencil sketches, Old purse bag, for Shiny Shabby

and also Nutmeg Bowls, Not too shabby flats in black

Lode decor Wills Single flower, for Shiny Shabby

Keke Small leaf tree with glitter for Black friday sale, Winterbranch&stuff gacha Winter branch in big bottle (rare) and several ornaments

22769 Fireplace decor Naive deer, Golden birbs, Marble angel, for Tannenbaum

and also 22769 Fishermans gacha Wellies comon

Sayo Pinewood collection Candles, for Tannenbaum

Elm Snowy winter terrarium, Snowy winter domes, for Tannenbaum

Kuro Rustic fireplace, for Tannenbaum

Can’t even Winterscape, for Tannenbaum

Foxwood Delilah Spaniel resting, for Tannenbaum and November days Sleepy tabby decor, Sweater and Knitting, for Kustom9 and

Concept New York Velvet sofa PG, for Kustom9

Vespertine Late Autumn harvest Leafy pumpkin pie and slice, Cozy enamel kettle, Autumn fruit platter for Collabor88 and Heritage laundry basket and Ginko branches for FLF , Starry fairy lights Wreath (groupgift)

Myrrine Gingerbread set Stars Tray and Plate, for Tannenbaum and Harvest set

What next Wintertime Cocoa and cookies set Hot cocoa server, Cookies, Marshmellows, Mug decor

Bazar Hyde dining Table and Chairs

Hive Maggies Magnolia set Hanging glass light

Mudhoney Jackie rug

Merak Plates

Fancy decor Slater collection Magazines

Serenity style Rainy days Letters

Lisp Vintage tins&cards Cards


David is wearing:

::K:: Sephiroth coat in navey, for TMD

Barley Hugo hair in browns, for TMD


I am wearing:

Erratic Malin sweater in navy xmas, for FLF

Wasabi Ginny hair, for FLF

Luxuria Fall/Winter socks, for FLF


sitting/laying poses come with the furniture except post in first picture, it is from RK poses