Things made with love





Dustbunny Homemade soup Bag of groceries, for Uber

Dustbunny Wiccan book stack, for FLF, Olivia armoire in black, Autumn calling set Bench, Wiccan artistry gacha Smudge sticks, Herb drawers, Herb bottles

Foxwood The artist decor Sketches, Sleepy pooch, for Uber

Hive Hanging glass light, for Uber

Hive Autumnal plants Chestnut and Oak, for FLF

Keke Crysanthemum, for Uber

Keke Frosted lanterns (groupgift)

Crate Autumn harvest table set Tea treets, for Shiny Shabby

Crate Travelers trolley, for Blueprint

Nutmeg Old Storie set Crown, for Shiny Shabby

Myrrine Keasy collection Pile of magazines/art stuff, for Shiny Shabby

Vespertine Paper lover gacha II Alpaca natural cushion, Table top forest spring, for The Epiphany

Vespertine Small spaces kitchen

Apple Fall Autumn treats Chocolat&cherry tart, Magnolia spray, Gold leaf cherries, Coffee to go, Pumpkin snowman, Caramel apples, Treats platter,  for The Epiphany

Apple Fall Autumn botanicals collection Crocosmia study and Pinecone study, Anashara Autumn dining collection Place settings, Woodland deer brass, Antler candlestick, Bronze leaf apple branches, Apple sprig with branch, Pinecones&hazelnuts

Fancy Decor Lee collection Leaning art, Books&candle, for Collabor88

Anc Whisteria arch, for Collabor88

Serenity Style Antique cupboard, Streetfood gacha Healthy

Tarte Sheet music light, for N21

Floorplan Brocante sofa in red, for FLF

Concept Well gacha Mirror, Table, Blanket chair B, for Kustom9

Haikei Beyond day and night gacha #4 (pictures), for Kustom9

Ariskea Vintan set Vintage mannequin, Princess set Roses frame, Peonies (groupgift), Late fall lantern (groupgift)

Pixicat Darkness gacha Lamp, for The Epiphany

Mimimal La sultana gacha Closet, for The Epiphany

Backbone Shabby September gacha Mannequin

Lode decor Phlox in jar white and blush, Hanging roses in red

Dead Dollz Clothes clutter The warm one Sweater and scarf, The cute one Sweater

Bazar Stockholm bedroom books

Pewpew Pallet bed white

Chimia Kitchen rack

Scarlet Creative Art cabin 1 (vintage) and Sunday dining set Chair