Percent for BOSL anniversary Trending Event

(or: Why are the best seats always taken?!)



Percent % Glass and metal pumpkins silver and gold, new release for Trending Event! thank you Plato ❤

Percent %


Serenity Style Unforgetable time gacha Bench, Topiary and Chair, for Kustom9

Ariskea Late Fall lantern, groupgift

Shutterfield Fall basket, groupgift

Halfdeer Kitty & Bunny jack o lanterns, Nightglowbird, Requim moon gacha Cat loaf

Minimal Alice collection Plant, Wood basket, Suitcase brown, for Shiny Shabby

Nutmeg Old stories Ottoman, for Shiny Shabby

Maru Kado Cat gacha Sleeping cat

Floorplan Fire pit tub



hair Agrace Irori in whites

blanket Sari sari Am sick gacha Blanket wrap red tartan