Neo Japan







Zibska accessories and makeup, new releases for Neo Japan, which opens later today! thank you Zib ❤

Neo Japan



outfit 1

Zibska Avaron headwear, ribbon collar and makeup, for Neo Japan!

Kokolores Malin, for Hair Fair 2018

Azul Yazmin dress in onyx, full color release! thank you Mami ❤

Shi Airo geta sandals and Tabi socks


outfit 2

Zibska Eron hat (2 versions) and makeup, for Neo Japan!

Boon Lab 086 in blonds, for Hair Fair 2018

Devious Mind Little China gacha Silkdress with belt and Silk shirt in Sky

E-Clipse Designs Monoko sandals

The Forge Plasmaoid katana


outfit 3

Zibska Akane Mask and makeup for Neo Japan!

Foxy Drogon

Aleutia Ashlee bodysuit in coal, for Equal10

Aii Revealing robe black

E-Clipse Designs Monoke sandals



all Hair Fair 2018 for charity info, lm’s, lookbook


shot on location at





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