Cause who doesn’t want to play with the cute bunnies?! 🙂


dress Azul Yasmin, shown in pearl, full color release! thank you Mami ❤

15 Regular Colors

1 Marketplace Limited


hair Truth HoneyAna, groupgift

ears and antlers Half deer Deer ears light brown and Metalic leave vein antlers in autumn

poses Kirin poses Autumn leaves pose and prop (picture 1 and 2)

and Del May


Dust bunny Botanical tote and Cozy reading, for FLF

Granola Maggie’s attic gacha Mushrooms, for The Arcade

Half deer Forest sonata gacha Barn owl and Acorn party and Fawn gacha Sleepy, for The Arcade                            and Yellow baby birds and Night glow birds sparrows,

Hpmd Making messes Fall leaves B

Keke Still falling Rowan arch fall and Fall maple leaves

8f8 Wonderwous journey Shrooms Mix hot small and Chinese lantern tree branch

Reverie Daydream gacha Wooden birds

Anc Cotton bunnies sugar

Lode decor Pretty things plums set Plums on the ground

Apple Fall Sprig with branch

Jian Fallow fawn Static standing

Schadenfreude Autumn bounty gacha Red squirrel guest

Vespertine Autumn home essentials gacha Leaf herbarium book

Ariskea Gardezia, groupgift

Little Branch Oak tree 4 seasons

Kidds grass garden Flowering meadow bushes

Heart Widlflowers Foxgloves

Alirium …… (yellow field, the name will be added)



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