Hair Fair 2018 first looks

I had a first look at Hair Fair 2018 and I picked up many of the gifts and dollarbies. I show you some in my pictures and also 2 hairstyles I bought, from Tableau Vivant and Tram.  Pictures are below, all unedited pictures, to give a good look at the hair itself.

The Fair is held on a wide desert style sim design with enough space to roam around with a lot of people, and for our convenience the stores with male/unisex hair have a male gender symbol hanging over it.

Hair Fair opens tomorrow! Are you in the demo group already to try all the hairs of the fair before you go? They are send out today! This makes shopping so much more easy and reduces shopping time and lag for everyone. How to join group and all info on

Hair Fair



Tableau Vivant and Tram (credits below pictures):





Tableau Vivant Isabel, in browns

Tram H0906, hud B



Cloe Madison sweater, for Tres Chic

Coco Side stripe trousers black, for Fameshed

head Lelutka Greer

body Maitreya Lara

skin Glam Affair Coral


Gift hairs (credits below pictures):






from top to bottom, gift (some are dollarbie) hair from (2 pictures for each hair):

No Match No Girl

Aso Yume

Emo-tions Jojo

Vanity Goldfinger

Boon Way 003

Adoness Anaxilea

Mina Lily

Astrology London




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