The Arcade

Dead Dollz My Attic Worktable, Textiles rack patterns, Textiles rack plains, Spools&thread rack, Fashion sketches

Fancy Decor Jones collection Sidetabel, Designer computer

Wednesday Rainy days gacha Bag, Ideas book, Fall favourites

The Arcade


other items

Dysfunctionality Little blue velvet lounger for FLF

What Next Madison fireplace and Who we love photoboard for FLF, Botanical gallery and Fall apple candles (group gifts), Plant stands, Paperdol mannequin

Blue Sky Azul table blue for FLF

Scarlet Creative Rainforest hideaway

Vespertine Peace lily plant (group gift),  Blossom cotton hanging basket, Quirky rainforest plants, Exotic plants Pilea

Dust Bunny Dreamy outing Blanket basket,Hanging plants Cheese plant

Dead Dollz House of brides gacha A style mannequin, Fitting room, and Bridal parlor gacha Stool, Hanging bridal gown

Reign Tiny dancer gacha Studio clothing rack silver

One decor Louisiana theater gacha #3

Maru Kado Mannequin gacha Rabbit white h ttp://

Bazar Arizona clothes rack, Toronto Painters mannequin, Berlin Painting 3

Keke Champange

Fashionably Dead Fashion studio gacha Artist journal

Tres Blah Voyage gacha Memo board fashion

Pixel Mode The sewing room gacha Dressing form pinned

Plaaka Atelier house gacha Workchair

NO13 Wood & iron gacha Lamp

Garbaggio Shoe clutter gacha Lola slingbacks

Cheeky Pea Cynthia’s attic gacha Tools of the trade

Sayo Stationed in Soho gacha Kiev light fixture

Camdem Summer wine gacha Wine glass, Ashtray gold

Pewpew Though polas


What I am wearing

Jumo Florida stockings! thank you June ❤

Vision-SF Helena lingerie black solid

JT Curlers full persm (free on mp)


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