My mood

I am sleeping not very well the last couple of days so that makes me a bit moody, to cheer myself up I listen to music, I found an old mix tape (yes, cassette player kind) from a high school sweetheart, a cute and also older young man with a Harley Davidson, very cool to me and a horror to my parents who imagined me killed in road accidents while on the backseat, and they made him promise to drive very careful before I was allowed to ride with him, I was 15, he was 25 I think. It was all very innocent, thankful in retrospect he was such a darling, very sweet, and later he broke up cause he realized the age difference at that age is quite big. He left me a mix tape when he went on motorbike holiday with a friend, it had this song on it, loved it ever since 🙂 See video with song down below ⇓

Because of the lack of sleep just simple pictures (I always want more, more – better shooting locations, a story line, a view that goes with the feel I have with the items, it can take a long time to get it just right, to tired for that atm)  🙂




dress Jumo Alleria, with necklace, new release for Vanity event!

makeup Jumo Lustrous Lips, new release for eBento!

makeup Jumo Dirty Luminous Eyeliners, new Release exclusive for The Makeover Room!

hair Jumo Ferrara, shown in pastels, new release for Designer Showcase!


Thank you so much for the awesome everything June ❤


heels Thalia Sharon heels in midnight

and as always skin Glam Affair Deiene in Europe, shown on Lelutka Greer head and Maitreya Lara body


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