Moon age daydream

From The Arcade 
Bamse Fixer gacha Background, Cybernetic arm, Server, Bio stimulants, Cyber frame, Software, Monitor
Kunst Geek life gacha Togo lounge chair black and white
Minimal Cyberpunk capsules gacha Cyberpunk capsules 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, Capsule support, Archives closet, Ladder, Lamp, Space pen support, Ashtray and documents, Water glass set, Jacuzzi towels
*note: all capsules are phantom, you have to rezz your own poses to sit or stand anywhere in them
Moon Amore Outer space gacha Oxygen helmet, Hyper gloves white, Galactic boots orange
Riot Infiltrator gacha Bodysuit white, Bags white
Tableau Vivant Falling hair gacha Shortfall in B&W
The Arcade
other items
Boo Rojyo Solar panel
Ex Machina Terrarium 2
Isil Science gacha Test tubes, Oscilloscope, Presician scale, Planetarium gacha Hologram earth
The Artist shed Sci fi Ficus

Aluveaux Technologies – One Prim Scifi Coffee Table

Tokken Industries R2D2
Schylolabs Sci fi holoscreen board
The Weekend ruiner Astronaut (from Suprise in the closet build from Big box o stuff, edited)
poses used
Bauhaus Movement (pic 1)
Posesion Space (pic 2)

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