Tout le gâteau!






mask, collar and makeup Zibska Krya, new release for TLC! thank you Zib ❤ Opens September 3rd!



hair, stockings, heels Curemore Antoinette’s closet II Rococo hair in greyscale, Rococo heels in white and Delicate stockings in white

dress Eva’s Temptation Marie Antoinette

underwear corset dress with pastie bows Una Antoinette in white



Bauhaus movement Revolution, Full metal panic 49, Hearts burst into fire 42, Mannequin 45

Del May Look back, Chilled sit, Wary

Posesion Carisma 1


canopy Anc Canopy white lace

seat and light Ariskea Versaille gacha Bed seat and Chandelier

mirror Madras Tiffany decor Mirror



Zerkalo Vintage tea party Piece of cake light

Tres Blah Pasty mania Raspberry cake

Keke Celebration collection Rez-day cake 4 (vintage)

Dustbunny Rose cake and At home baking Lemon cake

Apple Fall Kiwi blueberry cheese cake

Fancy Decor Hors d’oeuvre Collection Cake

What Next Patisserie Cake Counter set Princess cake

Frangipani Garden B-day mini


backdrop Chateaux Versailles picture taken by me at

location pictures taken at Petit Trianon at


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