Building The Weekend Ruiner Underneath the arches


Hive Dust Oopsie Daisy gacha Bottled emotions, Book clutter for The Epiphany This round ends August 12th!

Concept Aroma gacha Pool, Poof light, Poof dark, Light hammock, Dark hammock, Table A, Fan, Wall hanging for Kustom9                                   This round ends today!              and Studiobox gacha Basketplant 1

Haikei  Slowly getting gacha #5 and #7, for Kustom9 This round ends today!


One Decor Hanging deco pink and sky

Candle & Cauldron Round amethyst geode, Medium salt lamp

What Next SL15B gift Summerdrinks pineapple

KKs J’attendais ton retour Curtains

Thor The Freak shelter gacha Tambourine

Thunk Wood bongos

Pixel Mode Anahata gacha Singing bowl, Magazine clutter

Zaara home Copper frangipani bowl, Sandstone elephant, Jali lamp, Patchwork cushion lotus

22769 You&Me and the mountains and the sea gacha Annabelle Chandelier

TA Thai bbuddha set, Majestic buddha heads

Mesh Countie Hanuman india statue, Shiva enuma india statue, Murti hindu statue

BellaRose Tray of candles

Jian Flamengo’s

Studio Skye Watersystem natural

Heart Wildflowers Queen Anne’s lace Primulas

the rug …. I forgot to take note which store it is from



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