Make this dock my home


Just before I accidentally pressed auto return I had this small dockyard setup at my home. I had taken some pictures already, so here’s the credits:


DRD Boho fish shack Bouq pack, for Uber

Moss&Mink Emelia Place setting, for Uber

Tia Vintage Harper boat cottage set Crossed oars, gift for Uber



the setting

Dustbunny My summer retreat gacha Daisy pier (rare)

ANE Fatty shark gacha Pier lowered, Wind sleeve

Mad pea My Helsinki gacha Pier Stairs, Corner, Straight

Studio Skye Watersystem natural, Enchanted woods

Heart Wildflowers Queen Anne’s lace, Foxgloves, Primulas

Kidd Reeds cat tail short



Lore Torii gate

PPK The village gacha Watermill

Vespertine Curved bench set Parkbench

Ideza Bar California gacha Bar DJ booth

Daisy Moments mesh black piano, gift on mp

DRD Garden party gacha Ground dining

Half Deer Corgi puppies gacha Good boy sit

Pewpew! Golden heart planter …. (location will be added)

TBF planetary orrery

Keke SL15B gift, Summer flowers in red, A day at the beach gacha Parasol with bulbs

Zerkalo Marble firmness gacha Warm whale

Ionic Celebrate gacha Balloon C

Bee Designs Sunny coast gacha #1, Fishing house gacha Sign #1

Anc Cirque de reverie gacha Blanc ball, Happy end park Pennant garland gold

Nomad Amore gacha Angel bust

Kalopsia Wonderland party Cups floor


Soy Summer lake retreat gacha Row boat white

Tuff Old green sailboat

Tarte Hot air balloon tealight

Fd Spring memories gacha Poofs 1, 6

Ami-ami Shanti camp gacha Khom loi B, C, vintage





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