Medina home





As promised the indoor! I only forgot to take a good picture from the ground sitting area at the other side of the entrance indoors, so including yesterdays pics for a blurred background view of it, and as it is tuesday inworld not much rezzing to set it up again, sorry! For my outfit the details are in the blogpost before this one! ❤


Concept Medina gacha Build (ultrarare), Bed (rare), Tent dark, Tent brown, Tent red, Bench, Carpets, Candles and Cushions, for Kustom9

Ionic Everyday I’m ok gacha Mango&coconut ice lollies, Drifwood&beachstone mobile, Vintage keys, Small candle, Exterior plant for Pocketgacha                                                                                        *on this site also info how to get the hud inworld or on mp!

Loft&Aria Summerset vases, for Collabor88

Paper Moon Oasis reflection pool in blue

Ionic La Haciendita gacha Guacamole y la cerveza, Living by the dream

DRD Hobo Backyard Round table and Curtains, Industrial lamps wall light

Keke Crystal chandelier, Hygge sofa

TA Thai buddha, Noor tea set

Promagic Boho drawers

Mirage Morrocan niche wood, Pottery blue

Bee Designs Arabian nights gacha Mirror

Zaara Jodphur gacha Kathputti puppets

Rowne Photogenic walls gacha Derb Assehbe Marrakesh

Mesh India Indian food gacha Chapati set

We’re closed Picture frames dark (gifts)                                *with pictures uploaded by me 🙂

What Next Mannequin (gift)

ALB Pema saree dress                *rezzed and put over the mannequin 🙂


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