It’s the inside that counts







Some blogposts ago I did the C’est la vie gacha from Ionic, this time it is the inside of the cotttage 🙂

Ionic C’est la vie gacha Le cottage (rare) and Oui art wall, for The chapter four


Room Kitchen area 

No 13 Wooden kitchen Kitchen, Refrigerator, Wooden oven, Tray set, Wooden dish stand, Porcelain bowl, Cutting board with knife, for TMD

Sese Garden kitchen gacha Ladles, Shelf with plates, Shelf, 3 Lights, Apron, Grinder mixer box set, for The Arcade, thank you Stella ❤

DRD Robust kitchen Counter clutter 1

Lisp Fairy bug wall plates

Vespertine Kitchen crate Ingredients


Room dining area

Also known as Oppodam lamp in bronze, for Vintage fair

22769 Au bord du lac gacha Tea tray, for The Arcade

Plaaka June dining gacha Hydreangea plate and placemat folded, for The Arcade

Tentacio Summer festival Bag (rare), for The Arcade

Serenity Style Katya kitchen Cutting board (rare), for The Liaison Collaborative

Scarlet Creative Sunday table (edited) and chairs

Keke Simple kitchen clutter forks

8f8 Primavera in Tuscany gacha Cupboard

The Vordun The honorable mrs Graham

Apple fall Wine Argentinian Malbec, Wine glasses, Cosmos flowers red, free gifts


Room entrance and sitting area

Fancy Decor Jansen gacha Sofa, for The Arcade

Pixel mode Under the sun gacha Ottoman, for The Arcade

Kuro Herbarium art IV, for The Liaison Collaborative

Moss & Mink Bottled flowers white

Concept Garden rug

Dustbunny Woodland dreams gacha hedgehog planter, Wanderlust gacha Bookplanter, Daisy teacup and Bouquet teacup

Lemon Chiffon Felted bunnies

Zinnia’s Wrougth iron heart

22769 Landhaus Hallstand distressed wood

Artisan Fantasy Retreat gacha Windchimes

Bauhaus movement Virginia violin in green

Dustbunny & OMEN Basket cat bed

Serenity Style Time to read

Kalopsia Book lamp

What next Houseplants



22769 Au bord du lac gacha Metal frame bed, Newport armchair, for The Arcade

Loft & Aria Tropical glam gacha Credenca decor (edited) books, for The Arcade

Haikei Life is noise gacha #2

Myrrine Paper wings in poetry

Soy Stained glass ceiling lamps

Kalopsia Hanging stars

Maru kondo Mannequin Rabbit white

Fancy decor Frame group white (pictures my own)

Chaira Batista drawing, picture my own

Lisp Coco mesh picture frames 2 small, Victoire chalk side table

Dutchie Makeup clutter, Glass with toothbrush

Second Spaces Bathroom clutter gacha Bucket of things (girl), Fleamarket finds gacha Vintage fashion sketches

Zinnias Mexican Niche Vintage madonna

Half deer Lingerie clutter in nude

Zerkalo Relaxed corner gacha Towels

Apple Fall Victorian washstand, Copper leaf mirror

Keke Rosehips in pitcher

Ionic Stories from the city gacha Entrance table (edited)

Miwa’s Airship Spring countryside gacha Succulent planter, Embossed book

What Next Isabella perfume tray

Anc Miniature heaven gacha Mannequin antique B

Aria Havan botanical prints

Bazar Toronto closet

Reign Baba cave gacha Books & heels







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