Garden kitchen with cats


Sese Garden kitchen gacha Outdoor house (rare), Bench & decorations (rare), Worktop & sink, Chair, Grinder-mixer-Box set, Baking set, Shelf with plates, Shelf with mugs, Wall cups shelf, Wall shelf with jam, Cooker, Ladles, Three lamps, Lamp, Cabinet, Balance & books, Cabinet tall, Apricot pie, Strawberries set, Wall flowers, Table, Kitchen apron, Shelf, Baking forms & books, Flower rack, Dishes, Woodbox & flowers, Two flowers, for The Arcade

Thank you Stella ❤

Clavv Our cat cafe gacha Counter, Cash register, Table set 3, Bar stools, Relaxed, Aquarium, On shoulder, for The Arcade

Apple May Design Cat lady gacha Photo wall, Tea for two, Catnip potters Sleepy and Happy, for The Arcade

Plaaka June dining gacha Flowercake, Fruitsbowl, FigSalada, Bentwoodcutlerystand, Hanging vegetables A & B, Hydreangaplate, Artichokebottle, for The Arcade

22769 Au bord du lac gacha Coffee table books, Bowl with fruits, for The Arcade

Moss&Mink Beach bunny gacha Kite pink, for The Arcade

Fancy Decor Jansen gacha Art books, for The Arcade

The Loft & Aria Tropical gacha Glam prints, for The Arcade

The Arcade


Serenity Style Katya kitchen gacha Salt & pepper mills, Eggs, Mortar, Cutting board (rare), for The Liaison Collaborative



Heart Wildflowers Primula, for Fameshed

Cheeky Pea Molly Octopii, for Fameshed



Concept Ala Fresca gacha Woodpanel

8f8 Primavera in Tuscany gacha Gourmet set, Vineyard pergola, Courtyard portal, Roses sif

Keke Parasol with bulbs

Krescendo Wanderlust Italy

Apple Fall Juniper hedge

Akira’s designs Estate wall, Stepping stones

Razor bird Step, wall & path

Halfdeer & Le Poppycock Kitty galore set 3 (cats and cats with poses) (HD) and (LPC)



What I am wearing

Coco One shoulder top in yellow and Wide leg trousers in stripe, for Fameshed

Monso Miyeon hair in reds, for Fameshed







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