My garden, Fantasy Faire decor post I

I made a garden with a lot of decor items from Fantasy Faire. I am going to do a couple of blogpost to showcase all the wonderful things I’ve got ❤

My friend Rachael provided me with a place to set up the garden, thank you so much ❤





Spyralle Timeless Folly

Liliths Den Fairy Catching dreams

Artisan Fantasy Memorial monument and memorial bench

Lacrime dell’anima Beauty planter fantasy roses, Wishing well

Bad Katz Forrest tree

Simply Shelby Ruin doorway, Wildflower garden,  Living tree archway

Chic Buildings Crystall with on/of particles

Mistique Fairy tree seat in pink

Fantasy China Fantasy Espalier tree, Flowers

Adorable Strange Wares The lost forest set Flowers


other items:

Love Garden buddha ruin    

Lovely Alien Fable flower cluster

Anc doves, Swallows, Flottante puppy

Keke Even dragonflies dream in fairy

HPMD Sweetgarden grass 08

Rivendale Faerie tree

Skye Studio Enchanted Forrest



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