Events events events!



my thumb/wrist is hurting for some time now so kept mouse clicks to a minimum for a bit (which is not helping much unfortunately) so a bit simple pictures for my taste! Still have to show you these 2 beautiful event pre releases by Azul en added fab new makeups by Zibska! Also those Maitreya boots were still in my inventory from now closed Shoetopia ❤

gown Azul Gianna, pre-release exclusive for Sense Event!

dress Azul Nevaeh, pre-release for On9!

thank you Mami ❤

both pre-releases have 7 colors and 1 event specific color


makeup (gown) Zibska Suzette eyemakeup and lipcolor, new release for Ultra!

makeup (dress) Zibska Hideko eyemakeup and Shell lipcolor, new release for The Seasons Story!

thank you Zib ❤


hair Exile Life in Plastic in blonds, for Collabor88

Tableau Vivant Dakota in reds, for Collabor88

boots Maitreya Zoie in brown, Shoetopia release






The Seasons Story





Exile and Tableau Vivant at Collabor88




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