Pretty things



Serinty Style designer send me a lovely gift when I inquired about a statue on her sim, it was an older huntgift and she just so kindly gifted it to me! thank you so much! ❤

I decided to do a set up with things I got from her store and some other lovely items. The messy set by Hpmd I fell in love with right away, so amazing, so detailed and beautiful.

SL is full of designers who create the most amazing things! House stuf, art, nature items! Hope my pictures do these items a bit justice 🙂


from Serenity Style:

Gifted statue Fish my cheese (shown in the first picture)

Audri Magic garden gacha Owl, Mouse, Flowers and Bird, for Whimsical

Choi boi backdrops gacha Fresh air, for TLC

Wooden figures gacha Pretty wooden bunny

Counting waves gacha Bungalow (rare)


from Hpmd

Make messes Dried flowers in blue

Lamp bottles in blue


from Alirium:


Tiny forrest


from DRD:

Garden party gacha Ground dining set


from Kalopsia:

Bibi’s gacha Bibi’s hanging bed

Hanging stars

Flying curtains and papers


from Keke :

Grass in spring

Sacred lotus flowers


from O.M.E.N. :

Basket Cat bed in black



Whimsical round was until March 18th but was still open yesterday, so you might be lucky to still get items if you hurry!



Serenity Style








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