a hint of days to come


…Summer and warm days I hope!

Plaaka Atelier house gacha Painterdesktopshelf, Plywoodpaintmat, Stand paints, Drawing note, Workchair, for The arcade gacha and Hangingblowglassvase A and Patchworklodge (older gacha’s)

Aria Solace gacha Chandelier and Flowers, for The arcade gacha

Ariskea Versailles gacha Bedseat, for The arcade gacha

Bamse Photographer gacha Stool, for The arcade gacha

Pixelmode Hint of summer set Birdcage char, Pergola and Wind chime, for The arcade gacha

Kalopsia Pastel morning gacha Old mirror, for the arcade gacha

Dustbunny Bake set Lemonplant, for Fameshed

Keke Grass in spring, for Fameshed and Potted herbs (previous round of Fameshed)

Vespertine Exotic plants Button fern and Pilea, for Fameshed and Spring crocus centerpiece in lilac, for FLF and My little artistic clutter

Half deer Beagle puppy gacha Puppy eyes, for The arcade gacha

Bueno Minimal living gacha Cactus white and lamp, for The arcade gacha

22769 Cozey diner gacha Plant in cookware

8f8 Once broken and forgotten gacha Longe time closed

Arbres Obscure Ume trees (vintage)

What next Decorative easel collection Desktop with canvas


The arcade gacha http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Arcade/67/132/32

Fameshed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FaMESHed/223/141/1001


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