Hive Hint of spring set, for Fifty linden friday

Sway’s Jasper concrete shelf room divider, for Fifty linden friday

Keke Grow collection herbs, for Fameshed

Concept Casablanca gacha Tea table, for Shiny Shabby

Dutchie Books and tea, gift for SL Valentine Event

Apple Fall  (Now moving sale!) Victorian wash stand, Long curtain, Canvas rack, Fall blossom wreath, Neva kitchen shelf rare, Botanical suncatcher Summer


22769 Safe from harm gacha Tufted loveseat common, for The Ephiphany Januari

Half deer Pomeranians gacha Pomeranian lay and sit golden, for The Ephiphany Januari

Hive Kitchen clutter gacha Knife set and Scale, for The Ephiphany Januari

Random matter Magic girl gacha Love flower pink rare and Rat boy white, for The Ephiphany Januari

Reign Baba cave gacha Books and heels, for The Ephiphany Januari

Dahlia Piper’s handbag gacha Phone and keys, for Pocketgacha Januari

Milk motion Floral chandelier, for Collabor88 Januari

Ionic Stories from the city gacha Let’s make pasta, Marble and wood kitchen, Groceries apples and water, Infusion of flowers, Velvet chair, for Chapter four Januari


Keke Dot projector in gold (rotating light!), Hard to find bowls in blush

Bazar Toronto kitchen gas stove, Stockholm bedroom painting 02

Hive The airy Skybox, Rusted hanging lamp

Dust bunny Pink medinilla plant

Soy Superlong hanging Hedera


Haikei Picture frames and shelves

Plaaka Ptachwood lodge gacha Old wood cupboard, Small temple library gacha Birdcage books

Shutterfield Cluttered bedroomchair

Dutchie Dutch photo collage

TZartist Girl with no name, painting free on mp

Half deer Stringlight clutter Heart, old groupgift

Lode Garden decors Crocus wood box in white, for The chapter four March 2017

Mesh India Food gacha Chapathi set

Scarlet apple (vintage Scarlet creative + Apple Fall) My sunday bed rare, for The Arcade March 2013




Fameshed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FaMESHed/223/141/1001

Shiny Shabby http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiny%20Shabby/139/183/21

SL Valentine Event http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gilded/104/135/52


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