The best things in life aren’t things



Still I got a lot of stuff from Shiny shabby and other places 😉

Glam Affair Uni Holly gacha Tablewear (rare), Bench with pillows, Shabby chair, Wirebasket with jars, Cage with rose, Embellished candle, for Shiny Shabby

Meraki Sparkly lamp in pure, for Shiny Shabby

Keke Mistletoe green, for Shiny Shabby, Ornaments, groupgift winter 2017, Nirvana incense bowl in white, Simple kitchen clutter Forks and spoons, Secret garden flowers

Lagom Packed Christmas gacha Chair, Bulbs, for Shiny Shabby, Noel gacha Rose gift

Bee design Merry Christmas ya’ll gacha 4 Stars, for Shiny Shabby

Jian Snowbirds , Holliday huskeys gacha Tangled (rare)

Kuro Strawberry santa

Shi Vintage spoons, groupgift

Cozey SL I give thanks, gift

RH Design house Fumizukune (old) with Hoozoki, Mapple and marron, groupgift

Monkey Banana Green tea set autumn, groupgift

Purple Moon Fall bottle & pumpkin, gift at 68Main event

Tia Valeria Glass domes, Silverleaf glass vase

Naminoke Japanese lantern gacha Audon square

Vespertine Nordic snowflake light, Messy lights in tin, groupgifts

8f8 No place of ours Winterish

Omen Sleepy bengal cat in bed

The Loft Wavy candleholder in silver

Fancy decor Twig tree silver

Sari-sari A bit of wonderland gacha Table

Chronokit Woodcarving gacha Bear

Dustbunny Mini Christmas tree

Tres Blah Cozy winter gacha Space heater in mint

Erratic Stack of books with coffee

Chez Moi Thermos

DRD Gardenparty gacha Ground dining set pillow

Botanical Green holiday fir small, Snow groundcover

Apple Fall Table top tree



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