Lazy sundays


We’re staying at home today!

David has new hair from Fri Day, Malone, for Fifty Linden Friday and I am wearing the Legwarmers by Fri Day, also for Fifty Linden Friday

We are using poses by RK poses, One direction (standing pose) and Girls’ time (me on sofa, edited) while David is laying with a build-in pose from the sofa by Bazar

And I am wearing the dress by Snowpaws again, it is so warm and comfortable now the days get colder! Available now at 68Main. Thank you Carrie ❤

Hyve Snowed in skybox, for 6th Republic

Serenity Style Candian friendly ferrets gacha Albino, for 6th Republic

Madpea Haida gacha Shaman drum, for 6th Republic

One decor Sportroom gacha Hockey and baseball decor, for 6th Republic

Not so bad Canada gacha Coffeetable and Brunch, for 6th Republic

Granola Poppy Recycled Wellies in warm, for The Liaison Collaborative

Bazar Berlin sofa, Berlin painting 1 and 3, Arizona fashion painting, Traveler diary and PC

Sari-Sari Cabin winter home gacha Rocking chair, A bit of wonderland gacha Table and Heart chair, Of cozey gacha Rug

Cheeky Pea Autumn house Planter

The Loft Task lamp in gold, Hamon cactus and books

Glam Affair Toronto loft gacha Coffee table

Dustbunny Wanderlust gacha Bookplanter

Keke Rosehips pitcher and Snowglobe hares

Plaaka Studyroom gacha Pegboardwhite

Scarlet Creative Dining chairs

Apple Fall Catprint and Stockholm kitchen gacha Reaching plant

Construct Mesh tiny train snowy

Bananan Mousy pen and paper, gift on mp

Vespertine Stairy fairylights Wreath gold, groupgift

…. Buddha stattue

…. Candle

….. coffee mugs

(last 3 items to be added)


I hope you had a good weekend! ❤








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