La vie était plus belle



The Ionic Paris cafe is to big for my little platform, sadly I couldn’t use the building, so I made a small fall teahouse scene with the items I got at The Chapter Four!

Ionic Cafe de Paris gacha Antique books & iron table, Teastore sign, Cake display, Pattiserie display, White counter and Cafe menu, for The Chapter Four and Oh deer my (don’t know from which gacha this is)

Glam Affair Petit cuisine gacha Ready to use tabelwear, for The Chapter Four

Jinx November gacha November trees, for The Chapter Four


Thor The garden life gacha Greenhouse (rare) and Watering can

Plaaka Patchwork lodge gacha Wooddeck and decksteps

Zerkalo Vintage teaparty gacha Cupcake display

Madpea My Helsinki gacha Cashregister

Dustbunny White winter gacha Porcelain deer and Kitchen essentials gacha Coffee machine

Apt B Old&Rusted gacha Picture chair

Secret Store Winterfoxes gacha Sitting and standing


Tanemaki Bar counter 04-1

Bazar Toronto kitchen cupholder and Deluxe kitchen lamp

Kalopsia Sycamore leaves ground and flying

Halfdeer Quiet deer fawn and Shattered acorns

Heart Wildflowers Foxgloves pink

We’re Closed Grassfield dry

Vespertine Readers corner #6





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