Bunny love







new gacha items:

Concept Haus gacha Chair A , for Kustom9

Bananan Bunny gacha Bunny love, for Gacha garden

Once upon a time Tullips white and Table bedside, for Secret garden

Kres Autumn tray gift, for The Season story

Nomi Princess closet gacha Shoebox light, for Gacha garden

Mesh India Flower decor gacha Hanging flower, for Tres Chic

Bitter Vanilla Japanese room studio gacha Aisumicha brown and Geppaku brown, for Matsuri

Haikei Picture frame Kustom9 gift


older gacha items:

Aria Casual Luxe gacha Cocktail sofa

Concept Ca’Pepe gacha Bonsai

Silvery K Japanese traditional furnitur gacha Japanese style matras futon 3

Junkfood Jar of spooky boo

Ionic Interior/Exterior gacha White birds fly

Haikei Save room for my love gacha #1, Always be there gacha #7 and CK house gacha #5

Madpea Bonsai madness gacha Bonsai Tsume

David Heather His Bathroom gacha Perfumer set

Second Spaces Bathroom clutter gacha Tray of accessories

Tres Blah Hodgepodge gacha Tossed clothes

Garbaggcio Shoe addict gacha Shoe clutter nude

Glam Affair Buddha sculpture and Wallpicture set Woman

Fd Cats gacha Standing, Streched on back and Cuddling pair


none gacha items:

Haikei Picture frames and shelves in dark wood

Kuro Hanging fans and Hanging cups

BellaRose furnitur Open book & reading glasses

Sopy OSC Singing bowl

Apple Fall Roses boxed in champagne

What next Houseplants Eucaliptus

Cheeky Pea Makeup clutter

Toiz Homme art canvas

Lode decor Bougeanvillea vase

Keke Rosehips in pitcher

Soulmates Tea set

…. Tray with candles


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