Amas veritas



This is the season that strange winds blow, that all witches fly home and bathe in the light of the harvest moon. In every woman is a little bit of a witch. Magic is in all of us. We are all sisters.

I got this new amazing skin, a new release by Jumo and paired it with the new lingerie by Blueberry that is out now for The Epiphany, and also with an older Moon Amore dress with moving eyes in the top (cool!) which I think I haven’t used in any blog yet.


skin Jumo Carmen in pale, new release!

makeup Jumo Carmen lips, new release!

thank you June ❤


lingerie Blueberry Love bite in midnight, for Epiphany

heels Blueberry Love bite heels in midnight, for Epiphany

hair Tableau Vivant Editorial Sensual in B&W

tattoo Hipster Style Eloise

dress Moon Amore Eyeholic gacha Eye Reaper Dress (Maitreya) rare

witch hat Coco Witch hat (groupgift)

broom with pose Reve Obscura Witch bento pose


fox Halfdeer Red foxes gacha Watchfull, for Epiphany

cat Jackalope Witchy collection gacha Cat + spellbook, for Season of the witch

crown Keke Keycrown

papers  Moon Amore Ceres Book with flying papers


Scarlet Creative Greenwich park gacha Chaise Lounge, Cordelia house gacha Curtains in bleu, Mountainlodge gacha Pier with lights

8f8 Primavera in Toscana gacha Wall, Hall and Gate segments

Ionic courtyard with stairs The courtyard gacha The Courtyard scene rare





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